Erotic thriller The Voyeurs, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, stars Euphoria and The White Lotus‘s Sydney Sweeney, Paper Towns‘s Justice Smith, and Bohemian Rhapsody‘s Ben Hardy, along with newcomer Natasha Liu Bordizzo. It’s invited a wide range of reviews and critiques, but there’s one thing no one can deny: it is quite seductive. From a styling perspective, that led costume designer Romy Itzigsohn straight to the lingerie section, and she was scanning for bright, eye-catching pieces, from lacy bodysuits to strappy garters. After all, these couples spy into each other’s apartments, and a lot of the scenes are filmed from the perspective of someone’s window.

The fashion, then, had to be exciting; something to see! But a lot more thought went into the clothing than it might initially appear on a superficial level. Romy took POPSUGAR through the ways in which the characters’ outfits — particularly those of Pippa (Sweeney) and Julia (Bordizzo) — seemed to speak to each other through the color palette and overall vibe. It was their coats, sweaters, and underthings that rooted them in a particular place at a specific time and helped the narrative unfold. Scroll through to read about the mastery behind the wardrobe in the movie that everybody’s talking about.

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