In a tweet announcing the fact that BSNL finally has a 4G network, the Minister of Railways, Communications, Electronics and Information Technology, Ashwani Vaishnaw said that he has used the service “Made first call over Indian 4G network of BSNL (Designed and Made in India). PM @narendramodi Ji’s vision of Aatmanirbhar Bharat taking shape.”

BSNL can finally offer its customers 4G plans

While all other telecom companies in India offer 4G services, BSNL remained the only key player still sticking to 3G. Now it looks like BSNL is finally ready to enter the 4G market and recapture its lost audience. The government initially noted that BSNL would be able to offer 4G networks to consumers within 2 years, the Minister of Railways, Communications, Electronics and Information Technology’s tweet indicates that the company might be fairly ahead of schedule. 

While BSNL has some of the most affordable plans in the market, the lack of 4G offerings was certainly hurting the company’s revenue. It was believed that if BSNL continued to go into losses, it would be sold off to a private entity the way Air India was. IN his tweet, Vaishnaw noted that BSNL would be using a 4G system that has been designed and made in India, furthering the government’s mission to make the country as self-reliant as possible. 

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