Hackers and cheaters are quite a pain for anyone unfortunate enough to encounter them during their online session. Battlegrounds Mobile India also has its fair share of cheaters and thankfully, Krafton is doing its bit in clamping down on cheaters. The company has just announced that it has permanently banned over 2 million accounts in just over a month. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Hackers

In a post on it’s official website Krafton announced that it had permanently banned 2,519,692 accounts in the period between October 1 and November 10. The developers also claim to have temporarily banned 706,319 accounts in the same time period. 

The company notes on its official page, “Cheaters have no place in BGMI and in order to provide a fair gameplay environment to our players, we’ve been taking severe measures to remove cheaters from the game. Yes, we are aware that many players ran into cheaters even after we made our previous announcement on Sep 30th. We now have cleaned out most of the cheaters in the game, making BGMI a much more fun experience, and will continue to take whatever steps are necessary to keep BGMI fair and fun.”

Krafton also notes that it has taken four steps to try and curb cheating and will be doubling down on the same. This includes the introduction of stronger cheat detection and banning mechanisms. It also notes that while initially it used to hand out temporary bans for first time offenders, it will now issue permabans. Further, the developers will now manually verify and ban any account that used to promote illegal programs among high-rankers in real-time. Finally, it will be working with YouTube to block channels that promote the use of illegal programs.

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