Harber London Black Friday sale offers 25% off on my favorite gear. Don’t miss it!



Prakhar Khanna

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Leather accessories for your gear are not only stylish but elegant. And one of the best family-run brands, Harber London is offering a 25% discount on their products this Black Friday weekend, that is, Nov. 27 and 28. The only catch is that you need to buy two products to avail the discount. I’ve been using a Harber London laptop bag, wallet,Apple Watch SE strap and more. Let me cut right to the chase, when Harber London claims they make quality products, they are not kidding. 

Harber London’s About Us page says it tries to keep its designs “as simple as possible, while ensuring that each product is truly remarkable and functional.” I recommend the company because I’ve tried about half a dozen of its products and haven’t been disappointed. 

I ordered an iPad Air sleeve to get started. I keep it in the living room, and guests often ask me what that gorgeous thing is. The Magnetic Envelope Sleeve for the iPad Air and iPad Pro isn’t just designed to look good, it’s functional as well. You get an Apple Pencil holder in the sleeve, and there’s a cutout at the left edge so you can charge your iPad when it’s resting in the sleeve. 

Another Harber London product I recommend is the Slim Laptop Backpack. It’s one of the lightest and comfiest backpacks for short travels when all you need is your laptop for work. As the name suggests, it’s slim and has just one pocket on the outside, which I use to store the laptop charger. To match with the looks, I also ordered the Modern Leather Apple Watch strap, which I’d admit wasn’t a comfortable experience when switching from the official Apple Watch Silicone strap — it took me a few hours to get used to wearing it on my wrist. Here are the Harber London products I recommend you take a look and buy a couple of them to get 30% off.

Note: The offer price mentioned below is applied when you buy any two products from the website.

Harber London

The Leather Harber London Apple Watch strap is handmade by experts in London. If you want some of the nicest-looking Apple Watch straps, these are the ones to go for.

If you have been looking to get an elegant sleeve for your iPad Pro or iPad Air, this Harber London product won’t disappoint. It features a magnetic closure and a cutout that lets you easily charge your iPad while it’s inside the sleeve.

Harber London

The minimalistic and functional Harber London Slim Laptop backpack is the one to go for if you need an elegant backpack that fits your laptop on the go.

Harber London

Are you tired of using thick wallets to store cash? The Leather Bifold Wallet from Harber London keeps bulk to the minimum and offers a magnetic closure. The leather will age beautifully as it forms a unique patina over time.

Harber London

Some of our family members don’t like cases or skin on their iPhones. If you want maximum protection, the Harber London Magnetic Envelope Sleeve for iPhone is the perfect product.

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